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Romania issues €1.3M contract notice

July 19, 2019

Romania issues €1.3 million ($1.46 million) toner cartridge contract notice for the Romanian Ministry of the Interior.

The contract notice, 336817-2019 was recently published by the Romanian Ministry of the Interior requiring a range of new laser printer and fax machine toner cartridges on the most economical terms.

The contract notice is for a period of two years and under a framework agreement is to supply a maximum of 4,649 original toner cartridges over the contract period. The award weighting criteria for this contract is 60 percent based on original products and 40 percent on price.

The contract notice is under the EU Public Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU. One of the key objectives of the Directive is to promote the inclusion of social and environmental criteria in public tenders and not only price.

The contract notice does not appear to have any details about reuse, green procurement, WEEE, RoHS, or takeback and end of life requirements in the document.

The closing date for tender submissions is 22 August 2019.

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