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Rises for Toshiba in latest financials

February 16, 2018

The Japanese OEM has released its financial results for the fiscal year so far, and it’s good news.

Toshiba has published its latest consolidated financial results for the first nine months of the current financial year, with positive news all round for the Tokyo-based OEM.

Between the 1st of April and the 31st of December 2017, the company’s net sales totalled ¥371.9 billion ($3.5 billion/€2.8 billion), which represents a rise of 2 percent on the figures from the same period in the preceding financial year; then, net sales reached ¥364.7 billion ($3.4 billion/€2.7 billion).

There was also a rise in the OEM’s operating income, climbing from ¥10.4 billion ($97.8 million/€78.4 million) in 2016 to ¥17.2 billion ($161.8 million/€129.7 million) last year – an increase of 64.2 percent.

Similar good news was to be found in Toshiba’s ordinary income which saw a 64.5 percent climb, from ¥9.6 billion ($90.3 million/€72.4 million) to ¥15.9 billion ($149.6 million/€119.9 million) in the latest results.

The published figures also include the company’s total assets, which at the culmination of the third quarter of the current fiscal year add up to ¥284.1 billion ($2.6 billion/€2.1 billion).


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