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Ricoh secures VMware’s VCLOUD VERIFIED certification

April 9, 2020

Ricoh USA, Inc. announced that its disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering powered by VMware has been awarded VCLOUD VERIFIED certification.

DRaaS powered by VMware is a unified solution built to offer simple, secured, and cost-effective onboarding, migration and disaster recovery services for multi-tenant VMware clouds. Ricoh explained that DRaaS provides the quality service customers expect from mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company, and this latest certification helps cost-conscious organisations rest assured that Ricoh’s scalable DRaaS portfolio provides enterprise-grade reliability and support at an attainable price point.

DRaaS powered by VMware replicates systems from on-premises datacentres to a private cloud. Replicated applications and data are stored but not active (as opposed to other options’ “hot standby”), so customers do not pay for computing resources when they are not in use. In the event of an issue, Ricoh technicians can “activate” the private cloud backup for business continuity. This configuration can be applied to hosted and virtual private clouds alike.

“Downtime can adversely affect customer relationships, back-end processes and employee morale. While it may be tempting to ‘roll the dice’ and not invest in DR, that can be an incredibly costly decision – businesses can’t afford not to have a plan,” said Bob Lamendola, Vice President, IT Services Infrastructure and Support, Vice President, Engineering & Infrastructure, Ricoh USA, Inc. “Ricoh’s vast portfolio of IT services, including our newly VCLOUD VERIFIED DRaaS, provides diverse capabilities at diverse price points so organisations of any size can find a way to responsibly invest in business continuity – helping to minimise any delay in implementing DR strategies. It is yet another example of Ricoh’s commitment to providing customer value.”

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