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Ricoh celebrates 13th Eco Action Day

April 5, 2019

(Credit: Eco-Business)

Ricoh Asia Pacific (Ricoh) has announced the launch of its 13th annual Eco Action Day campaign.

As Ricoh explains, Eco Action Day is designed to drive awareness and action for the environment and celebrate the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme’s World Environment Day, held on 5 June annually. This year’s campaign will tackle Goal 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which urges people to take urgent action to combat climate change.

To work towards a more sustainable environment, Ricoh says the company is inviting organisations, schools and individuals to make pledges at For example, a pledge to take public transportation instead of private cars or to bring their own bags instead of using single-use plastics. The campaign was a major success in 2018 with pledges from 315 organisations, 16 schools, and 1,253 individuals received.

“Environmental sustainability is a key priority and goal of the South West Community Development Council. Our partnership with Ricoh Asia Pacific sows the seeds of collaboration for community action to fight climate change and promote green lifestyles. With more than 150 community gardens in the South West, our community gardeners and residents can join in the action to plant the seeds provided, and add to the vibrant greening of our estates. We hope that each seed of action will grow into a collective wave of change as our community, corporates, schools and CDCs join hands to improve sustainability,” said Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West District.

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