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Remanufacturer TIN seeks more partners

September 12, 2019

TIN Factory CEO, Milan Banjac takes to LinkedIn to talk about how the company is open for new partnerships with European cartridge suppliers and is encouraging people to contact them.

Based in Timisoara, Romania, TIN Factory specialises in printer supplies for its international customer base. The company produces environmentally friendly cartridges under the trademark TIN. On two lines, one for inkjet cartridges and one for laser cartridges, TIN Factory produces state-of-the-art eco-friendly cartridges compatible with most printer brands, remanufacturing original cartridges.

TIN Factory has the support of the Ministry of Environment, being the first unit in the country authorised for this type of activity (collection and processing of used printer cartridges).

In Banjac’s post, he stated: “If you have empty cartridges (both virgin and non-virgin) and wish to transform them into premium quality remanufactured cartridges – twice tested, customised packed and ready-to-sell, at a small cost…”, “…we’re open to listen to your requests.”

Milan Banjac can be contacted on or visit

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