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PRP opens new distribution hub

September 10, 2019

Print Rite Pelikan (PRP) Europe opened a new distribution hub in the Netherlands and moved into new headquarters.

Print Rite Pelikan GmbH relocated recently to new headquarters at Buttnerstrasse 15, 30165 Hannover, Germany. To mark the opening of its new distribution hub PRP held its European management meeting at the facility on 16 August 2019.

“After months of preparation and about a hundred truck load deliveries, our European stock was moved from Germany to Holland into this new facility in order to more effectively service our pan European customers,” said Steve Weedon CEO of Print Rite Europe Limited.

“The new hub, which has been shipping products since May allows PRP to stock more products that can be delivered to more European locations with a next day delivery. It is a state-of-the-art facility that benefits our business in many ways. From this site we will serve our Pelikan reseller partners as well as our private label distributors and generic box customers, with more flexibility and faster delivery service,” Weedon added.

“The Pelikan story started in Hannover about 180 years ago, so it’s fitting that we remain in the city and work from modern new offices that reflect the importance of the brand and its origins,” Weedon cocluded.

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