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PrinterLogic partnership offers new solutions

November 21, 2018

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PrinterLogic has announced a strategic partnership with The 20, a business development group for managed service providers, to deliver SaaS print management solutions to their partners and clients.

As PrinterLogic’s newest MSP partner, The 20 joins other notable companies, such as Helion Automotive Technologies, Pioneer Technology and Strata Information Technology, in providing what PrinterLogic dubs “a powerful, versatile, streamlined and consistent print-management solution developed specifically for MSPs.”

“Managing printers and drivers in a customer environment with traditional methods wastes time, kills budgets and eats into a MSP’s profits,” said Jon Gibbs, Vice President, Customer Success at PrinterLogic. “The 20 has built its reputation on providing MSPs with strategic technology solutions, and we look forward to helping their partners solve end users’ print management issues.”

PrinterLogic’s PrinterCloud for MSPs is a zero-footprint, cloud-based solution that offers feature parity with PrinterLogic’s proven on-premises software, an enterprise-grade print-management solution that is infinitely scalable and incredibly cost effective. In addition to providing native pull printing and mobile printing capabilities, PrinterCloud for MSPs delivers the following features and benefits:

  • All instances of PrinterCloud are managed from a single screen, including the ability to create new instances
  • Single sign-on to every PrinterCloud instance
  • No additional infrastructure needed
  • The ability to monitor license consumption
  • Simplified billing using an MSP model, including tools for license reporting and usage dashboards.

“Our next-generation software uniquely combines the simplicity and reliability of direct-IP printing with the power of centralised management,” continued Gibbs. “This enables MSPs to manage the print environments of their entire customer pool from a single web-based console.”

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