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Print Audit releases IUM for Sharp MFPs

August 10, 2018

The company has announced that its Print Audit Embedded for Infinite User Management has been released for Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs.

According to Print Audit, “the new version of Print Audit Embedded brings a more powerful and streamlined print management experience to Sharp MFPs. The Embedded software provides powerful cost recovery, rules-based-printing, secure release and pull-printing capabilities.”

Print Audit Embedded installs directly onto Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs, allowing users to control and recover printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs. Integrated with the desktop version of Infinite User Management, Embedded is a complete document tracking, chargeback, secure release and pull printing solution that eliminates the need for external hardware.

Sharp OSA is a development platform that allows third-party software developers to customise Sharp MFPs for integration with critical network applications.

“We’re pretty excited for the release of our second generation of OSA compatible embedded solutions,” said Print Audit CEO John MacInnes. “They are faster, more intuitive and user friendly than anything to come before.”

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