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Office Supply Solutions celebrates 10th anniversary

July 1, 2020

Mark Brimer, Founder of Office Supply Solutions, announced the firm celebrated its 10th anniversary in June 2020.

Office Supply Solutions started in 2010 to supply a variety of office products to St. Louis area businesses. The firm has grown from no clients and now serves over 2,600 businesses many on a national basis.

“It’s been an exciting 10 years. We have faced the challenges of business operations, maintained steady growth with a new customer for every day since our launch and continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients,” Brimer said.

Office Supply Solutions offers everything from laser printer cartridges, copy paper and specialty paper, notepads, janitorial supplies, medical supplies, to furniture of all types.

The company did a quick pivot recently during the COVID-19 crisis and began offering high-demand items to businesses to include hand sanitiser, masks, gloves, paper towels and toilet paper. “We practice a high degree of customer service and do whatever we can to help our clients. Fortunately we are able to secure many items that are in short supply. Area business owners really appreciated it and we actually landed several new clients because of it,” Brimer explained.

Office Supply Solutions is also known for its Network-a-Thon, St. Louis’ largest free networking event. The company said it will continue to operate the event as a way to give back to the community. “We have helped connect hundreds of individuals during the five years of the event. The best part is there are no pretensions or expectations. It’s a lively event and always a lot of fun. You never know if you will make a new business connection or a friend for life,” Brimer said.

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