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No Deal Brexit – EORI numbers explained

March 11, 2019

A new post from Ashfords LLP on Lexology has warned British companies that they will require an EORI number to continue trading in the EU after Brexit.

In the event of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal (an increasingly likely state of affairs, with less than three weeks until the current withdrawal date), British businesses will need a UK EORI number to continue trading on the continent, the post explains.

The EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number is currently required by companies that wish to trade goods with non-EU countries, or by companies outside of the EU that wish to trade goods with the UK.

Yet should the UK leave without a deal on March 29, companies will also require a UK EORI to trade with the EU, if they are a British-based company, planning to import or export with the EU post-Brexit.

According to Ashfords LLP, “having an EORI number will allow you to make an Entry Summary Declaration or Exit Summary Declaration, where you do not normally supply normal import or export declarations so that you can continue to trade goods into or out of the UK.”

Companies will also be able to “submit declarations using software (or to give to your agent to make these declarations on your behalf) and apply to be authorised for customs simplifications and procedures.”

If you will only import or export services which don’t involve the moving of physical goods across the Northern Ireland-Republic of Ireland border, you will not need an EOIR number, Ashfords added.

The process of application for a UK EORI depends on whether or not your company is VAT-registered, exporting or importing. You will also need to apply using an alternative route, if you wish to make customs declarations yourself, through systems like CHIEF, NES, or NCTS, Ashfords explained. If your company is part of a group structure, the holding company or parent company must apply on your company’s behalf.

Your EORI number should arrive via email within three working days of application, although increased traffic is expected as the clock ticks closer to the end of March. Once arrived, you can provide your EORI number to your courier or freight forwarder, and they will use this when making customs declarations on your behalf.

If any of your company details change, such as name, address, or VAT number, you must contact the Government’s EORI team to update their records; likewise, if you no longer require the EORI number, the Government team must also be notified.

To apply for an EORI number, visit the Government’s EORI page, here


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