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Ninestar wins CCIA awards

September 19, 2019

Mr Jackson Wang (right), the Chairman of Ninestar Corporation, received the awards on behalf of the company

The company announced that it has won the CCIA Corporate Achievement Gold award.

On 11 September 2019, Ninestar won the Corporate Achievement Gold Award and Printer Industry Development Achievement Award from the China Computer Industry Association (CCIA) for its development and great contribution to China’s printer and printing industry.

CCIA said: “Ninestar developed China’s first laser printer with independent core technology and rapidly realised its industrialisation. It made China the fourth country to develop and manufacture laser printers only after the United States, Japan and South Korea. After nearly 20 years of development, the company has mastered the development technology of laser printer imaging, machinery, hardware, software, embedded software and core components. So far, Ninestar’s printer product layout covers A3, A4, mono, colour, single-function, and multi-function. It has greatly promoted the development of China’s printing industry.”

The Corporate Achievement Award was set in 2010 by CCIA to commend and reward advanced enterprises that have made innovative, outstanding contributions to industrial development. Ninestar is the only company in China winning the Gold Award from CCIA.

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