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Ninestar showcases new cartridge solution

June 16, 2020

The company launched a G&G-branded “first-to-market” replacement cartridge solution with-chip for use in Xerox B210 series and B1025 series printers.

Aimed at small and medium-sized business, Xerox released the monochrome A3 format MFP B1025 series printers in August 2018 and the monochrome A4 format B210 series printer in July 2019.

Available now are G&G replacement toner cartridges for use in Xerox B210, B205 and B215 and Xerox B 1022 and B1025 printers. These cartridges come with page yields of 1,500 or 3,000 for the Xerox B210 series replacement cartridges and a page yield of 13,700 for the Xerox B1025 series replacement cartridges.

Ninestar said its solution with a “unique structural design and self-developed chips allow G&G cartridges to be accurately and easily recognised by printers.” The company said it is a “first-to-market with chips” solution and offers “OEM-like user experience” as well as “premium raw materials and components guarantee consistent and stable quality.”

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