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Ninestar continues 20 in 2020 celebrations

July 3, 2020

It has been two decades since Ninestar was born of a small start-up located at the seashore of Zhuhai.

In its latest promotion of its anniversary celebrations, Ninestar is reflecting on the past 20 years from an employee perspective, the importance of its employees and the company’s work culture.

Proud about the past 20 years, Ninestar said: “Evidently, Ninestar’s accomplishments today cannot be separated from the value of loyalty, pragmatism, innovation and win-win idea rooted in every employee for the past 20 years. Everyone’s dedication shall be cherished and treasured.”

The company notes that its R&D colleagues immersing themselves in the laboratory to always ensure that the chips can be compatible whenever OEM printers have been upgraded, the sales team tirelessly reach out to clients all over the world to meet their demands and its manufacturing staff stick to the front line of production day and night, insisting to provide the best-quality products.

Talking about its company culture, Jackson Wang, the Chairman of Ninestar Corporation, said the key of running a corporate shall fall into retaining the talents and modestly learning. Ninestar insists on regarding the development of employee as one of the priorities. Employees who give their heart and soul to the organisation are sincerely appreciated for sailing ahead together through glories and hardship.

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