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New products from Omnigraph

January 23, 2019

The Greek company has unveiled its latest slate of releases, including chips and cartridges.

Omnigraph’s new releases include a compatible toner cartridge, as well as a chip, for use in the Lexmark MS417/MS517/MS617/MX417/MX517/MX617, which offers a page yield of 8,500 pages and is available in black. A further compatible toner cartridge, and chip, is available, also in black, and for use in all of the above printer models as well as the Lexmark MS317/MX317. This compatible cartridge has a page yield of 2,500 pages.

The company has also unveiled a compatible toner cartridge for the Lexmark Cs317/Cs417/Cs517/CX317/CX417/CX517, available in all four CMYK colours and with a page yield of either 3,000 (black) or 2,300 (CMY). Omnigraph has also released compatible chips for use with cartridges for the above printers, with the same page yield.

Finally, Omnigraph has released compatible black toner for use with Lexmark’s MS/MX series machines, and compatible toner for the Cs310/Cs410/Cs510/Cx410/Cx510, available in all four CMYK colours.

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