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New products from ECS

July 16, 2018

The English company has announced a slate of new releases for various OEM machines.

The company’s first announcement was the release of a range of compatible Utax toner cartridges, for use the Utax 2506ci/3206ci/4006ci/5006ci/6006ci. ECS stipulates that these products also fit the equivalent Triumph Adler models.

Also available is a new range of Compatible Sharp MX60 Developer Packs, available in CMYK and for use in the Sharp MX2630/MX3050/MX3060/MX3070/MX3550/MX3560/MX3570/MX4050/MX4060/MX4070/MX5050/MX5070/MX6050/MX6070.

Following these releases, the remanufacturer also launched a range of Ricoh products including remanufactured cartridges for use in the Ricoh SPC830/SPC831, and a remanufactured waste toner bottle, for use in Ricoh’s MP C305/MP C306/MP C307/MP C406/MP C 407.

“Quality control procedures and testing are implemented throughout each and every one of our departments, ensuring that products are checked, double checked and triple checked at each stage of their life cycle, from production through to packing and finally our warehouse before they are sent out to our partners,” said ECS Operations Director Adam Lighton, explaining the company’s commitment to “providing quality, performance, and reliability throughout all product lines.”

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