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Multiple new releases from KMP

October 23, 2018

The German company has released a slate of new products.

The first new release from the company is a compatible drum unit, for use in Samsung’s ProXpress SL-M4075FR and ProXpress SL-M4075FX monolaser multifunction devices. With a yield of 30,000 pages, KMP says it is particularly suitable for Managed Print Services, and “is the perfect addition to ProXpress office printers.”

KMP has also released replacement toner cartridges for a wide range of Brother machines. The replacement cartridges are available in either standard (8,000) or high (12,000) yield variations, and are for use in the Brother DCP L5500DN/DCP L6600DW/HL-L5000D/HL-L5100DN/HL-L5100DNT/HL-L5100DNTT/HL-L5100 series/HL-L5200DW/HL-L5200DWLT/HL-L5200DWT/HL-L5200 series/HL-L6250DN/HL-L6300DW/HL-L6300DWT/HL-L6300 series/HL-L6400DW/HL-L6400DWT/HL-L6400DWTT/HL-L6400 series/MFC L5700DN/MFC L5700DNLT/MFC L5700DW/MFC L5700 series/MFC L5750DW/MFC L6800DW/MFC L6800 series/MFC L6900DW/MFC L6900DWT/MFC L6900 series/MFC L6800DWT, or for the high yield variant, for use in the Brother DCP L 6600DW/HL-L 6250DN/HL-L6300DW/HL-L 6300DWT/HL-L 6300 series/HL-L 6400DW/HL-L 6400DWT/HL-L 6400 DWTT/HL-L 6400 series/MFC L 6800DW/MFC L 6800 series/MFC L 6900DW/MFC L 6900DWT/MFC L 6900 series/MFC L 6800DWT.

Additionally, KMP has released replacement ink cartridges, for use in a variety of HP machines. The replacement cartridges are available in all four CMYK colours, as either a single pack or as a multipack, and are for use in the HP PageWide 352dw/MFP 377dw/Pro 450 Series/Pro 452dn/Pro 452dw/Pro 452dwt/Pro 470 Series/Pro 477dw/Pro 477dwt/Pro 552dw/Pro 570 Series/Pro 577dw/Pro 577z/Pro 477dn.

Finally, KMP has unveiled high yield variations of the above replacement ink cartridges, also available either as single-packs or as a multipack. For use in the aforementioned HP machines, the high yield replacement cartridges offer a page yield of either 10,000 black or 7,000 CMY.

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