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MPS Monitor announces integration with Asolvi ERP platforms

September 2, 2020

Users of Asolvi’s ERP solutions can now benefit from an integration providing a full management platform for Imaging Dealers and Managed Print Service providers

MPS Monitor has released general availability of three new connectors that allow Dealers using Asolvi ERP solutions to have a perfect and deep integration of the monitoring platform into their systems.

The three new connectors enable MPS Monitor 2.0 to establish and maintain a seamless machine-to-machine communication with Evatic, Purpose Software 2serv and Vantage Online systems. This integration allows the three ERP systems to get timely and updated information on device status, meter readings, consumable alerts and levels, support and maintenance requests, and much more information, coming directly from MPS Monitor’s DCA.

Dealers using Evatic, 2serv or Vantage Online have now the ability to activate the connection between their ERP instance and the monitoring platform by simply switching it on in the MPS Monitor 2.0 Portal. The data flow between the ERP and MPS Monitor is completely transparent to the user, and it allows the ERP to obtain all the needed information from devices through a fully automated, backend process. MPS Monitor explained that there is no need for manual import and export of data or manual checks on data, as all the information is kept in sync between the ERP and the monitoring platform by a fully unattended process.

“For the last 10 years at MPS Monitor we have been investing in the power of integration, by building our system entirely on APIs, creating standard connectors and providing SDKs and support to ERP developers”, said Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor Srl. “The partnership with Asolvi is a big step forward in this direction, as it creates the most integrated and powerful software stack for Managed Print Services available to European dealers. Our mission is to bring the highest value and innovation to the MPS market, and we strongly believe that this goal can be achieved only by partnering with leading solution providers like Asolvi.”

“We are extremely happy to partner with MPS Monitor”, said Tony Milford, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Asolvi AS. “As Europe’s leading provider of Service & Contract Management software to the Office Technology and MPS markets, it gives us great pleasure to work collaboratively with the most innovative and forward thinking technology providers to deliver practical solutions which enable our clients to better navigate these challenging times.”

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