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Millennium Business Systems receives award

June 2, 2020

Millennium Business Systems was awarded the Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider for the ninth consecutive year.

Flex Technology Group (FTG) announced that one of its companies, Millennium Business Systems, has recently been named a Sharp Platinum Level Service Dealer for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

FTG said: “While this accomplishment pays tribute to Millennium’s superior service, it also marks the ninth consecutive year they’ve received this prestigious award. In addition, Millennium is one of only twelve dealers nationwide to be recognised for AAA Platinum level, which is the highest accreditation given and the only one in the State of Ohio.”

The Sharp programme was designed to distinguish service organisations that not only meet, but also exceed performance benchmarks and the implementation of industry best practices in this area.

To qualify for the programme and be eligible to receive the Platinum Level Service Provider Award, an organisation must meet several criteria that demonstrate excellent training, education, service support, and customer satisfaction. The recognised companies must show commitment to training by having archived certification on all current models, as well as a certification in a network discipline.

In addition, the organisation needs to have written service escalation processes ensuring their commitment to customer satisfaction. They must also follow all preventive maintenance guidelines and practice written total call procedures to maximise mean copies between visits.

“It is an honour for us to receive the Sharp AAA Platinum Level Service Providers Award for the 9th consecutive year,” said David A. Bartlow, President, Millennium Business Systems. “We are proud to work with Sharp products, which are among the most valuable in our award-winning line-up. Millennium Business Systems is dedicated to providing an unprecedented level of customer service with best-in-class technicians and knowledgeable sales personnel that make sure each model purchased, perfectly fits the client’s needs.”

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