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Lexmark’s healthcare solutions for UK

September 3, 2019

Lexmark announced its new healthcare solutions for the UK, customised solutions that help healthcare organisations increase efficiency and accuracy, achieve downtime continuity, and improve patient outcomes.

Lexmark International Inc. announced the availability of four solutions designed to meet the needs of healthcare customers in UK. These customised solutions help healthcare organisations increase efficiency and accuracy, achieve downtime continuity, and improve patient communication and outcomes.

Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare combines durable, easy-to-use Lexmark printers with advanced queue management software to provide reliable, fast and accurate delivery of healthcare information, freeing clinicians to focus on the patient rather than paper, the OEM explained.

“Printed information is critical in a healthcare setting, and disruptions to this workflow can keep clinicians from providing the highest level of patient care,” said Steven Burford, Lexmark. “Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare provides fast, accurate delivery of information when and where it is needed throughout the healthcare organisation.”

Lexmark Downtime Assistant for Healthcare leverages Lexmark multifunction printers (MFPs) to help healthcare delivery organisations maintain information access and continuity of care when systems are down.

“Continuity of care and patient safety are critical considerations in healthcare,” said Burford. “Whether infrastructure is out of service for routine maintenance or the downtime is unplanned, Lexmark Downtime Assistant for Healthcare keeps clinical staff from missing a beat when systems or networks are down.”

Lexmark Point of Care Scanning for Healthcare enables providers to quickly and easily capture paper medical records and incorporate them into health information management (HIM) workflow, helping providers meet HIMSS Stage 7 requirements.

“To be validated as a HIMSS Stage 7 hospital, all clinically relevant information must exist electronically in the EMR within 24 hours of creation,” said Burford. “Lexmark Point of Care Scanning provides hospitals a user-friendly, cost-efficient way to simplify this information capture and meet this requirement.

Lexmark Patient Communication is a custom solution that integrates award-winning Lexmark colour into healthcare providers’ existing processes for immediate access to highly legible and easy to follow printed forms and documents.

“We’ve all seen patient discharge packets copied so many times they are hard to read,” said Burford. “We developed the Lexmark Patient Communication solution because immediate access to current, easy-to-understand forms and clear communication material is critical to improving patient satisfaction and can help clinicians provide the highest level of patient care.”

Lexmark said it puts its healthcare industry expertise at the forefront of each of these solutions, providing HIM-credentialed workflow experts to assist in designing solutions configured for each hospital’s unique needs and workflows.

“Lexmark serves healthcare providers in more than 5,500 locations worldwide,” said Brock Saladin, Lexmark senior vice president and chief revenue officer. “We draw upon this deep industry expertise to build solutions that help healthcare providers improve efficiency, accuracy and patient care.”

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