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LDZ celebrates 25 years in business

March 18, 2019

LDZ GmbH has reached another milestone, celebrating a quarter-century in business since it was founded by Thomas Busch in 1994.

Since its inception, the company has reported a number of achievements, including the creation of its “Green Cartridge” brand in 1995, its first participation in Paperworld in 2004, the market launch of its Biotoner line in 2010 and its 20th birthday in 2014.

Now, LDZ is celebrating its 25th birthday milestone, or 25 years of its customer relationship, as the company describes it.

“Honesty – for us both internally and externally – means respect for our customers and the constant struggle for innovations that can be used to improve production processes and internal processes. The customer has to feel that he is indeed king,” states LDZ.

The business adds, “Over the years, great emphasis has been placed on the continuous improvement of processes and products. The distinctive spirit of innovation has long since not only made for the products themselves, but sustainability-oriented projects characterise our history. For example, we launched the first bio-based toner, developed the first climate-neutral toner in cooperation with an important specialist retailer, or installed a system for recovering the waste heat from the toner extraction plant. At present, investments are being made in a photovoltaic system in Ainring, where the fleet has been converted to electromobility there. For 20 years we have shown that technology and environmental protection must not be a contradiction!”  

LDZ concludes, “Our commitment will continue to apply to you in the future; our customers and business partners! We continue to rely on qualified product development and optimal customer support.”

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