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LD Products offers Gold incentives to resellers

April 23, 2018

LD Products Channel Partner Division revealed that the company has come up with a way for toner resellers to “create more demand, grow their bottom line and reduce administrative hassles associated with toner purchases and returns.”

Following on from the recent launch of its new Channel Partners division and  website, LD Products has come up with a new innovation to benefit its reseller partners.

After a full year of intense product development and field testing in 2017, LD Products Channel Partner Division officially launched their exclusive Gold Line in 2018, described by LD as “an alternative to expensive OEM and overpriced remanufactured toner products.”

So far, as the business explains, Gold Line customers have achieved a return rate of only 1/10 of 1 percent of all cartridges shipped leading to the launch of a new incentive plan for resellers to rethink their toner strategy as an LD Gold Partner.

Our Gold Partners will be able to win market share from competition and increase their profitability with current customers by switching from their current OEM or remanufactured toner providers,” stated Christian Pepper, President of LD Products Channel Partner Division. Our pioneer resellers have reported that the quality of our cartridges is excellent, so we are willing to do things other toner providers may not to earn your business.” 

In return for an annual volume agreement, Supplies Resellers, Copier Dealers, Managed Print Providers and Managed Service Providers will receive the following as a Gold Partner;

LD Gold Partner Benefits

  • Switching Incentive
    • 10 percent rebate on all purchases made in the first 90 days
  • Zero Risk Quality Promise
    • Easy replacement cartridge management.
    • No replacement invoice paperwork or approval hassles.
    • Free cartridge will be shipped overnight if you experience any issues.
    • If your organisation sends a tech to investigate and repair a faulty cartridge, the full repair cost including labour will be reimbursed as well.
  • Quarterly Rebates
    • Customisable rebate programs offer cash back or you can use the dollars to leverage LD’s professional sales training, digital marketing, lead generation campaigns and consulting services.
  • Quarterly Onsite Strategy Sessions
    • Best practice consultancy to grow demand, streamline operations and strengthen margins.

Toner resellers are concerned about OEM intrusion into their business, margin reduction and aftermarket vendor consolidation which is why we are willing to put our money where our mouth is for dealers looking to trial our product for free and as long as they want,” stated Pepper.

The LD Gold Line, engineered in Arizona, is the first North American toner line that combines a brand-new shell with the same components used in popular remanufactured cartridges.


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