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Latest new products from CiT BV

May 9, 2019

The company has released a plethora of products for use with various Ricoh, Lexmark, Sharp and Toshiba cartridges.

CiT BV announced the release of three sets of in total twelve IMC replacement chips for the recently launched new line of multifunctional copiers called IMC from Ricoh.  The replacement sets are for use with Ricoh IM-C2000/2500, Ricoh IM-C3000/3500 and Ricoh IM-C4500/6000 devices.

The company’s Lexmark range was expanded with the addition of replacement OPC and chip solutions for use in Lexmark XM1140/1145/3150/M1140/1145/315 drums and Lexmark XM5163/5170/7155/7163/7170/ M5155/5163/5170 drums.

CiT’s Sharp range had addition of replacement cleaning blades and OPCs for use in Sharp ARM150/152/155/AR100/120, Sharp MX2300/2700/3500/3501/, Sharp MX2010/2310/2610/2614/, Sharp MX2010/, Sharp MX2301/2600/3100/4100/, Sharp MX2301/, Sharp MXC300/301 (with film), Sharp MX4110/4111/4112/5110/, Sharp MX4110/, Sharp MX-M200/232/5516/AR160/, Sharp MX-M282/283/362/363/364/, Sharp MX-M260/264/310/314/354/, Sharp MXM350/450/ARM350/351/, Sharp MX-M550/620/700/AR-M550/, Sharp MX-M850/950/1100, Sharp MX-M850/, Sharp AL1000/1240/1020/1220/1250/AR150/, Sharp ARM160/205/AR161/162/163/200/201/, Sharp ARM250/280/310/350/450/, Sharp ARM258/318/MX261/312/AR310, Sharp ARM270/271/276/AR255/275 , Sharp MXM260/264/310/314/354/2658/3158/, Sharp MXM350/450/ARM351/355/451/455/ and Sharp MX363/452/453/500/503/4528 devices.

Also announced were 21 new wiper blades for use in Toshiba BD1340/1350/1360/1370, Toshiba BD1550/1560/1568/1660/, Toshiba BD2040/2060/2068/2860/, Toshiba BD2510/2550/3550/4550, Toshiba BD 281C/351C/BL-3511D, Toshiba BD 281C, Toshiba BD5540/6550, Toshiba ES 163/182/205/212/230, Toshiba ES 163/165/167, Toshiba ES 168/208/258/DP1600/, Toshiba ES2050C/2051C/3555C/, Toshiba ES2050C, Toshiba ES 2020C/2040C/2330C/, Toshiba ES2500C, Toshiba ES 28/35/350/352/353/, Toshiba ES 55/65/80/550/650/, Toshiba ES550/ and Toshiba ES C5520/5540/6520/ devices.

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