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Kyocera celebrates 60 years in business

April 11, 2019

The OEM is marking its 60th year of trading, thanking customers for their “continued support” and unveiling a dedicated anniversary webpage.

The OEM declared, “In 1959, at a small local factory in Kyoto, Japan, with no capital, credentials or reputation, a small group of 28 colleagues established Kyocera with the collective dream of producing fine ceramic products for the world.”

Kyocera went on, “In the 60 years since the founding of our company, Kyocera has continued to grow by implementing the principle of “management by all” based on the bonds of human minds and striving to accept challenges that others have declined. We thank everyone who has helped us reach this milestone for supporting us over the past six decades.”

The company concluded, “As a token of our gratitude for your generous support, we would like to present the new Kyocera 60th Anniversary webpage which introduces the history and future vision of The Kyocera Group.”

You can find the special anniversary website here.

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