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Kyocera adds to its wide-format line

November 7, 2019

Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc announced the launch of the KIP 600 series of colour wide-format print systems, the KIP 660 and KIP 650.

In partnership with KIP, a global supplier of digital printing and scanning solutions for colour and monochrome wide-format documents, Kyocera is providing its new KIP 600 series product line.

Kyocera said that the KIP 660 and KIP 650 both deliver high speed output and superior image quality in a compact, space saving design (25 percent less space), allowing them to fit in more locations. The KIP 660 and KIP 650 produce D/A1 size prints per hour in full colour, black and white or in mixed sets. Both systems have two media rolls and top/front image stacking, a 12” Smart System K touchscreen, allowing busy environments to benefit from greater productivity and workplace efficiency without interruption. The KIP 660 does come standard with a high quality colour scanner.

The KIP 600 series utilises the KIP Contact Control Technology. Kyocera explained that this technology allows for the exact control for placement of toner particles through direct contact at every stage of image development, helping to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision quality in the production of every colour or black and white image.

The KIP 600 series are energy efficient with reduced emissions and the ability to recycle exhausted supply containers. This helps provide a low total cost of ownership and an enhanced user experience. These products also have a reduced carbon footprint and are ozone free, Kyocera explained.

All KIP print systems utilise a single software solution, KIP ImagePro, which is designed to simplify every stage of the colour and black and white wide-format workflow. KIP ImagePro provides job creation, image capture, and reproduction for print intensive environments. One application, one solution.

“We have a great partnership with KIP and with the launch of the KIP 600 Series, that partnership continues to grow,” said Franchesca Balbuena-Fullman, Product & Research Marketing Manager for Kyocera. “With this launch, we now have a full line of production wide-format devices available on the market today.”

KIP wide-format print systems are designed as a complete solution for any organisation requiring the need to copy, print, or scan large sized documents including technical drawings, floor plans, renderings, maps, and much more.

The KIP 600 series is available through authorised Kyocera dealers and resellers.

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