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Konica Minolta’s cloud platform bizhub Evolutio verified by Google

October 21, 2020

Konica Minolta announced that its cloud platform bizhub Evolution is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

On 7 July 2020, Konica Minolta successfully passed the technical certification for Google’s Chrome Enterprise Recommended programme as currently one out of two MFP (multifunctional periphery printer) vendors.

Philipp Schröder, Head of Portfolio Strategy & Management, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe said: “Introducing a new technology that’s incompatible with current investments can cause huge headaches. The certification gives IT teams the assurance that our cloud platform bizhub Evolution is compatible with Chrome OS and that there will be no lost productivity or delayed implementation due to compatibility issues with existing apps and systems.”

The Chrome Enterprise Recommended badge tells Konica Minolta’s clients that bizhub Evolution runs great on Chrome OS. Partner with the badge have gone through extensive testing so IT teams know they can trust these technologies. The risk of downtime to business as usual is reduced and test cycles for apps in customers’ environment can be significantly shortened.

bizhub Evolution is a cloud-based platform which enables companies to provision various cloud services including cloud print, fax, document conversion and translation to their users. The administration of users and services can be easily handled by the company while platform and services are fully managed by Konica Minolta. All services can be activated and used on-demand and customers only pay for services they use. 

Konica Minolta’s cloud print service offers specific benefits such as reduced maintenance requirements for server and software versions due to serverless operation and management of the software by the vendor, budget savings as no up-front investment is needed, simple and easy deployment that enables a quick start, flexible scalability that adapts to the customers’ changing needs, the ability to print from anywhere at any time and much more.

Konica Minolta’s Chrome OS solution for bizhub Evolution is available to install via the Chrome Web-Store and/or to rollout via Google Workspace. The integration of the Google Workspace into bizhub Evolution offers the advantage that all users created in the Google Workspace are automatically transferred to the user administration of bizhub Evolution and therefore do not have to be created again. Hence the same credentials can be used for convenient Single-Sign-On.

Schröder added: “The integration of the different Google products with Konica Minolta solutions makes it easier for companies to migrate to the cloud. This builds upon Konica Minolta’s strategy to provide a comprehensive portfolio of ‘Intelligent Connected Workplace’ solutions and enable businesses to better manage their digital transformation.”

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