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Konica Minolta victim to ransomware attack

August 21, 2020

Reports suggest that Konica Minolta is one of the latest victims to a ransomware attack, joining Canon and Xerox who confirmed last month they had been victims of an attack.

BleepingComputer reported that Konica Minolta has been one of the latest victims of a ransomware attack, whereby large amounts of data was taken, encoded and is only released if the company pays to receive the encryption key. Otherwise, as part of the threat, the data will be made public on the ransomware website.

BleepingComputer said that “devices in the company were encrypted, and files had the ‘.K0N1M1N0’ extension appended to them” and believes this attack is a new ransomware called RansomEXX.

Previous victims to a RansomEXX attack was the Texas Department of Transportation.

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