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Katun Europe unveils new replacement cartridges

April 16, 2019

Katun Corporation says it is pleased to announce the introduction of a range of new products, including colour toner cartridges for use in HP printers, as well as a monochrome toner cartridge for Ricoh machines.

The Katun Performance colour toner set for use in HP Colour LJ Enterprise M553 machines enables dealers to reduce their supplies costs without sacrificing image quality or performance, states the company. These toner cartridges provide OEM-equivalent print quality and yields, continues Katun, “plus outstanding colour reproduction and performance.”

Katun Performance monochrome toner cartridges for use in Ricoh SP 3600 / SP 4510 / MP 401-series printers provide reliable, OEM-equivalent performance and cost savings, the company continues, adding, “This toner represents another high-quality product in a broad range of products that Katun offers for Ricoh machines.”

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