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Inkjet drives CEE HCP market in Q4 2017

March 14, 2018

New data from IDC reveals that the Central and Eastern European HCP market grew 1.4 percent in Q4 2017, with inkjet sales a significant factor.

According to the International Data Corporation’s Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, HCP shipments in the region were in excess of 1.7 million units during Q4 2017. Meanwhile the shipment value increased by 3.9 percent year on year, to over $493 million (€398.8 million).

Inkjet shipments posted year-on-year growth of 12.6 percent in units and 14.3 percent in value. The inkjet market was characterised by a significant shift towards ink tank models. Ink tank models recorded 26.5 percent growth in unit terms. Ink tank printers represented more than 30 percent of the overall inkjet market in unit terms and over 48 percent in value in Q4 2017.

“Low cost per page and high ink yields make ink tank models attractive not only for consumers, but, increasingly, for business users, as well,” says Ilona Stankeova, Research Director with IDC CEMA’s Imaging, Hardware Devices, and Document Solutions group.

The laser market saw a decline of 5.7 percent in units compared to Q4 2016, but increased by 2.2 percent in value. While monochrome laser sales, especially those of cheaper entry-level models declined, colour laser sales increased. Shipments of colour laser MFPs increased 13.4 percent in units, supported by healthy growth of midrange and higher-end models, which are often delivered as part of a print service contract.

In terms of vendor ranking, HP Inc. remained the overall leader in the CEE hardcopy peripherals market in Q4 2017, with unit market share of almost 37 percent despite a shipment decline of 13.4 percent year on year. It is worth noting that Q4 2017 was the first quarter that HP Inc results included both HP- and Samsung-branded machines. While shipments of HP-branded machines recorded a moderate 7.8 percent decline, Samsung-branded shipments contracted by more than 40 percent.

Canon ranked second, with a minor decline in shipments and 19.9 percent market unit share. Epson’s shipments increased by almost 17 percent, raising its market share to 12.0 percent. Although Brother ranked fourth, it outperformed the market with shipment unit growth of 18.4 percent.


The Russian HCP market recorded a 6 percent increase in units and a 9.1 percent increase in value year on year in Q4 2017. Although still below pre-crisis levels, the Russian market, started to show signs of recovery in 2017. The gradual improvement of the economy, as well as GDP growth resulting from stabilisation of the ruble and an increase in crude oil prices helped boost the Russian market. Both inkjet and laser market segments recorded positive unit growth, of 3.5 percent and 7.6 percent, respectively. Ink tank models represented close to 39 percent of the inkjet market in units and more than 57 percent of the overall value.


After several quarters of decline, the Polish market posted growth of 10.5 percent in units and 2.6 percent in value in Q4 2017. Inkjet shipments recorded remarkable unit growth of 28 percent, supported by both consumer and business demand, while laser unit shipments declined over 9 percent. Ink tank models represented 15.4 percent of the inkjet market in unit terms and more than 28 percent in value.

The positive result in Q4 did not balance the previous quarters of decline, however. The total Polish HCP market recorded an annual decline in units of 3.2 percent and of 7.4 percent in value in 2017 when compared to 2016 annual results.

Czech Republic

Contrary to Poland, the Czech HCP market declined in Q4 2017, after several quarters of moderate growth. The dynamics for ink and laser segments were similar to that seen in Poland: while the Czech inkjet market recorded a 3.6 percent increase in units, the laser market declined almost 13 percent. Shipments of ink tank models experienced double-digit growth, and ink tank sales represented 17 percent of the total inkjet market in units and close to 30 percent in value.




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