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HYB launches new series of replacement PCR

January 11, 2019

HYB has announced their release of a series of new PCRs (Primary Charge Roller) for copiers.

As HYB explains, the upgraded rigid coating has improved the characteristics of PCR relating to anti-pollution and durability. In order to differentiate the quality of HYB products from others on the market, HYB says it has been working on research and eventually selected the material that is desirable by technical service providers.

The new range of replacement PCRs products can be used with Kyocera printers, multifunctional printers and some colour copiers such as FS/3500i/4500i/5500i/3050ci/4501/5501, FS1040/1020/1025/1060/1113/1120/1125/2100/4100/4200/4300/M3040/M3540/M3550/M3560 models. 

They can also be used with Ricoh MPC3500/4000/C2500/C3000/C4500 devices, and other machines from Konica, Xerox, HP and OKI.

“The PCR and Feed rollers from HYB has significantly decreased our cost and the frequency of technical service to our customers, so far these are products that works almost equivalent to the original parts,” said Jose Rodrigo, a technician for Kyocera MPS provider located in Medelin, Colombia.

HYB adds that the company is also ready to launch another range of pick-up, feed, and separation rollers of copiers.

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