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HP in second infringement case

August 2, 2019

Driveprint LLC, a Texas-based company has filed its complaint in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, alleging HP is infringing its ‘369 patent.

In a rare turn of events, HP found itself on the receiving end of a Lexmark inkjet patent infringement lawsuit. In three separate court papers filed on the 11th June, Slingshot Printing LLC, alleged that HP is breaching several US patents; 6,137,502; 6,213,587; 6,243,115; 6,394,593; 6,485,124; 6,666,449; 6,773,088; 6,817,707; 7,014,299; 7,244,015; 7,258,434; 7,311,385; 7,819,498; 7,841,712; 7,938,523; and 8,113,618.

The latest complaint filed by Driveprint LLC, a Texas-based company, alleges that HP infringes the company’s ’396 Patent “, by, among other things, directly or through intermediaries, making, using, importing, providing, selling and/or offering for sale printhead cartridges with asymmetrical contacts, i.e., the HP 63 Black, HP 64 Black, HP 65 Black, and HP 65 Tri-colour, Ink Cartridges”.

Driveprint LLC is seeking a judgment that HP has infringed one or more claims of the asserted patents, appropriate damages, costs, and disbursements.

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