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HP adds 3D-as-a-service

November 14, 2019

HP introduced new 3D printing subscriptions, services, and partnerships to its portfolio, strengthening its continued customer momentum with more than 18 million Multi Jet Fusion parts produced in the last year alone.

The new HP 3D as a Service (3DaaS) Base subscription service provides customers automatic replenishment of HP 3D Supplies, simplified tracking of billing and usage, and reliable remote and on-site support services, the company explained. The new pay-per-build service is available for the HP Jet Fusion 5200, HP Jet Fusion 4200, and HP Jet Fusion 500 series 3D solutions.

The new HP 3D as a Service (3DaaS) Plus subscription offering integrates hardware, supplies, and services and is ideal for customers looking to accelerate product life cycles with optimized in-house rapid prototyping and final part production. The initial 3DaaS Plus subscription starts with the HP Jet Fusion 340 solution, with additional 3DaaS subscriptions to be introduced.

“The journey to digital manufacturing requires much more than just technology. Customers want integrated solutions coupled with convenient capital models providing the predictability, transparency, and flexibility to quickly scale their businesses,” said Ramon Pastor, interim President of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, HP Inc. “Our offerings lower the barriers to adoption for industrial companies to more easily deploy HP’s best-in-class 3D printing solutions. And these are just the first steps — we will continue collaborating with customers and partners to pioneer new models unlocking and accelerating the power of digital manufacturing.”

HP is also expanding the HP Digital Manufacturing Network with new partners Prototal in Europe and Solize in Japan. The HP Digital Manufacturing Network is a global community of digital manufacturing service providers with capability for high-quality, high-volume Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet part production. Customers around the world can access this distributed network of plastics and metals parts providers to quickly scale up parts production when and where they need.

HP’s portfolio of 3D printing solutions – prototyping and production, plastics and metals – is seeing strong customer adoption across numerous industries. More than 18 million parts were produced with HP Multi Jet Fusion in the last 12 months alone.

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