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GM Technology adds new partner in Mexico

February 25, 2020

GM Technology has expanded its international market with its new collaboration in Mexico with printPartners.

Print Partners and GM Technology have signed a new agreement, making the Mexican company the new official exclusive distributor for remanufactured original toners and remanufactured machines in the Latin American country.

GM Technology said in its announcement: “From GM Technology we welcome this news, since printPartners is a large company that has branches in Ensenada, Tijuana and Los Cabos (Baja California), Chihuahua and Mexico City. Locations with which it is possible to serve all Mexican states in an effective manner.

“To achieve this, printPartners remains at the forefront of printing technology. It works to maintain the trust of our clients through a continuous quality printing service, as well as a fast and detailed attention.

“A new agreement and, therefore, a new opportunity to continue expanding our business internationally. Always respecting our values ??and brand philosophy wherever we go. At GM Technology we know that you can work in a different, responsible and sustainable way, and we demonstrate this every day in each of our projects.

“Nice to have you, printPartners!”

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