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Epson Indonesia will “strengthen” B2B segment

February 5, 2018

(Credit: The Jakarta Post)

During a recent “power breakfast meeting” involving Indonesian business leaders from “various sectors”, Epson shared its insights on the digital industrial revolution.

The breakfast meeting was organised by Epson’s Indonesian subsidiary, Technology Company PT Epson Indonesia, and brought together business leaders from a variety of sectors in Jakarta to “discuss the opportunities and challenges brought by the digital industrial revolution”, as The Jakarta Post reports.

Held on 30 January 2018 at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta, the meeting also gave Epson Indonesia a platform to announce its commitment to the strengthening of its B2B segment. Epson “shared its expertise on how inkjet and digital printing, visual communication, hardware as well as robotics could help address the issues faced by each industrial sector.”

“Hopefully, this forum could serve as a platform for you [the business leaders] to take turns in sharing your experiences in dealing with the digital revolution, while giving some advice on the business and management aspects of Indonesia’s digital industry,” PT Epson Indonesia country manager Shimizu Tomoya said.

Jumain Appe, Innovation Strengthening Director General at the Indonesian Research, Technology and Higher Education Ministry, “highlighted that it was important for business players across all sectors to keep abreast with the most recent innovations and advancements in digital technology.”

“We have to come up with more digital applications that could be used to solve society’s problems so that Indonesia would remain highly competitive in terms of global technological innovations,” he said.

Consonant with the desire to strengthen the company’s B2B segment, Epson Indonesia has “coined several possible innovations that it could come up with, in line with its expertise”, such as the QR-code solution. This technology was offered by the OEM to agriculture companies “to help farmers scan plants on a plantation to provide plantation supervisors the latest information on the status of the plants’ health.”

Epson’s B2B innovation “is centred on four main product lines: inkjet, robotics, visual communication” and wearables.


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