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ECI releases browser-based KnowledgeSync

February 6, 2020

New alerts and automation application will help manufacturers improve response time for time-sensitive business activities to increase profitability and productivity, ECI explained.

ECI Software Solutions announced a new version of its KnowledgeSync application, its alerts and workflow solution. The upgraded software is now browser-based and interfaces with thousands of web application REST APIs, offering ECI’s global manufacturing customers a solution that provides insight into critical business events in real time.

As a result, users can more effectively and efficiently respond to time-sensitive activities, increasing both profitability and productivity.

KnowledgeSync, which ECI acquired in September 2018 with the acquisition of Vineyardsoft, combines business intelligence, alerts and workflow to help businesses monitor and respond to key activities across the organisation. Through alerts and warnings, business leaders and staff can easily identify conditions that require attention, such as leads that need follow up, stock items that require re-order and invoices that are overdue for payment, and use the platform to generate automatic responses in real time.

Now, as an easy-to-access browser-based application, KnowledgeSync offers ECI’s global manufacturing customers a more seamless user experience with the ability to access all of the platform’s key modules in one intuitive interface.

In addition, the platform accesses, reads and returns data from hosted applications using RESTful API triggers and actions, streamlining the previously time-intensive process of capturing, analysing and acting upon data from multiple platforms.

With this capability, users can automate previously manual actions, such as retrieving data from their hosted CRM, writing data to on-line marketing automation and leveraging the vast array of SaaS data analytics services.

The new version also includes support for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports, which will enable users to create a variety of custom reports by automatically pulling data from external sources into an easily readable format. With this capability, KnowledgeSync users can deliver the right information to the right people more efficiently.

“In today’s complex manufacturing climate, small and mid-sized players need a solution that provides users with complete control and real-time insight into their business,” said Corey Ladd, VP of Product, Manufacturing division at ECI. “With its newly enhanced capabilities, KnowledgeSync easily integrates with nearly everything—from ERP and financial systems to external websites. It is more flexible, powerful, scalable and reliable than ever before, saving our users valuable time and money. We’re confident that our global customer base will be able to leverage this powerful workflow solution to help increase their competitive advantage as the market around them continues to evolve.”

“Our investment in KnowledgeSync is well worth the money,” said customer Rick Jasper, Controller, Overton Industries. “KnowledgeSync notifies us the moment the rework time is being posted to a job and when a standard cost has been changed in our system. We also have events running automatically throughout day and night, and no longer have to run a report in our ERP system to inquire about quotes issued or jobs started. It is an absolutely great tool.”

The new version of KnowledgeSync is now available to all ECI manufacturing customers in the US, Europe and Australia.

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