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ECi announces new Fleet Optimisation feature

April 15, 2019

The new feature, for JumpTrack, ECi’s proof-of-delivery software, will “will simplify delivery processes and help users more effectively plan truck routes.”

With the new add-on, users can manage deliveries “more efficiently,” says ECi, with insights into the resources used during the delivery process and the routes taken to complete deliveries on time. 

Global warehouse managers and owners leverage the JumpTrack cloud-based software tool to receive immediate updates on deliveries, and to better understand the opportunities for improvement within their existing distribution methods. The software claims to “eliminate the labour and forms costs associated with paper-based systems and improve the productivity of delivery fleets by providing users with real-time visibility into drivers’ days.”

Key benefits of the new Fleet Optimisation feature include: Enabling users to reduce the number of trucks required to make daily deliveries; assisting with planning routes across a distribution centre; simplifying the manifest process; and creating an “easy” delivery plan for drivers to follow.

Brian Bowerfind, ECi Distribution Division President, said: “The costs – both in time and money – of deliveries can be an extreme burden on smaller or mid-sized warehouses, and this new feature will directly attack that challenge. We’re making it possible for dealers to achieve previously unattainable efficiencies in their distribution operations, by providing them with a tool that can manage everything—from driver data to signature capture, and everything in between.”

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