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DocuWare introduces US Cloud Partner Programme

April 15, 2019

The company has introduced it’s the programme following a year of “exceptional” cloud expansion and the successful launch of a similar programme in Germany.

Currently hosting 2,000 cloud customers, the company says it is committed to “staying well ahead of demand for cloud installations,” adding that “the market potential for cloud solutions is huge.”

DocuWare believes that “eventually all businesses will need to digitise their core processes in order to drive cost efficiency and align with compliance regulations,” and calls the cloud “the optimal platform for businesses of any size, as it demands zero investment in hardware, allows for fast deployment and requires low maintenance costs.”

With multiple layers of backup and automated software updates, business continuity is not compromised. Factoring in this fast-growing cloud demand, DocuWare’s new programme will invite new partners to focus on preconfigured cloud solutions. Small tech companies who already provide IT services are “strong candidates” for this programme because “they either already sell cloud-based software or are seeking to add strong cloud solutions to their portfolio,” according to DocuWare.

For smaller providers with high expertise but limited staff, becoming a DocuWare Cloud Partner will mean “efficient use of personnel, wider profit margins, shorter sales cycles and recurring revenues, all of which are key to overall sustainability,” the company added.

“Their small size also makes them agile partners and it is this agility that we want to tap into,” says Max Ertl, DocuWare Co-President. “DocuWare Cloud Partner certification gives them access to a large customer pool hungry for cloud solutions. It’s a win-win for both partner and end user.” 

New partners are trained and ready to sell in four weeks. DocuWare’s programme will provide support that includes e-learning via webinars, tutorials and videos; access to Professional Services; DocuWare Lead Protection; DocuWare Technical Support; partner info newsletter; Partner Portal; marketing and sales material; whitepapers; and listing on

DocuWare’s preconfigured workflow and document management solutions for invoice processing and employee management were developed as cloud-only applications and are “ideal for new partners,” since they address a deep market hungry for digital transformation.

The DocuWare Cloud Partner programme builds on, but does not replace, the company’s Authorised DocuWare Partner program. The ADP program has run for decades, and is responsible for thousands of primarily on-premises installations and millions of dollars in revenue for 600 partner members worldwide.


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