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DIS partner with Kodak

May 6, 2019

Digital Ink Sciences, LLC (DIS) has partnered with Eastman Kodak to bring the next generation of aqueous inks to sublimation, textile printing, and DTG markets.

DIS revealed the new partnership with “Kodak Hemet”, Eastman Kodak Company’s newest ink formulations for Direct to Garment (DTG) and Wide-Format printers are now available through Digital Ink Sciences.

Grant French, Business Development Manager for Digital Ink Sciences, said: “We’re so excited to be working with Kodak on this. There’s no better R&D inks company to work with in the world.”

“They’re the ideal combination of engineering history and current innovation, and these new ink sets are much better that manufacturers expect. We’re getting better colours, deeper blacks, and the custom ink formulation is significantly reducing maintenance on the print heads,” French said.

Kodak digital ink General Manager Kenneth Kraft reported, “We’re very happy to partner with Digital Ink Sciences. They have the perfect, complementary expertise to bring our nano-pigment ink technology to the market.”

According to the company, the Kodak powered DIS inks are 100 percent domestically sourced and manufactured. “We have rigorously tested these new inks and are thrilled with the performance,” said French.

The company remains laser-focused on provided the very best final output, developing the best colours available for aqueous textile inks. They do this by concentrating on what DIS calls the “Perfect Drop.”

DIS explains, focusing on the perfect drop means more of the ink lands on the shirt and less ink gets dispersed into the air, or onto unwanted areas. Optimizing Drop shape and size also helps the printer hit the same spot on the textile repeatedly, which means users can lower the resolution and print faster without compromising print quality.

Scott Colman, President of ColDesi, Inc. in Tampa, Florida added his comments to the announcement. “The new G4 DTG Printer from Impressions Technology and DTG Digital will be powered by Kodak DTG Inks. And our tests prove out just how beautifully they print, and what a tremendous impact they have on reducing maintenance.”

The DIS-250 series inks support lower maintenance in a Mid-Viscosity Ink because of better stability, jet ability, and nozzle integrity. They also say their inks deliver less printer downtime, more shirts printed, and fewer issues.

Current models supported are Ricoh G4, Ricoh G5 (with optimised waveform) and Ricoh GH2220/2420 heads.

The DIS-150 series inks have the same properties, but are designed for the Epson Printheads like  Epson DX-5, Epson DX-7 and Epson 5113.

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