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COVID-19: ISC cancels 2020 Event

May 29, 2020

Allen Westerfield, President at Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC) announced that the ISC board has decided to cancel its 2020 Conference.

As the world brings the virus under control and continues to encourage self-isolating, travel still being difficult and events for larger groups only starting to slowly start appearing opening again, ISC’s event originally scheduled for 13- 15 September 2020 is another event that has been postponed to 2021.

Westerfield said in his announcement: “Due to circumstances and uncertainty involving the coronavirus we regret to announce that the ISC board has decided to cancel its 2020 Conference.

“While this is a difficult decision to make, we believe this is the right thing to do. The health and safety of all participants was our primary reason and it is virtually impossible to plan and execute the quality of conference that we are accustomed to conducting. Our thanks to those who had agreed to sponsor, exhibit or speak at the conference. We are working to reschedule the conference in 2021 and hope that you will plan on joining us then.”

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