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Clover Imaging announces dates for roadshow

February 6, 2020

Clover Imaging Group revealed the upcoming training dates and locations for Depot International’s 2020 Roadshow.

Depot International, Clover Imaging’s sister company, will present a series of training courses targeted towards providing printer repair technicians with the knowledge they need for certification. These two-day training sessions provide attendees with hands-on, personalised instruction delivered by Depot International’s certified trainers.

Chris Sinibaldi, SVP & General Manager-Parts, Depot International, noted: “Depot International is focused on providing the kind of interactive learning that drives real knowledge and expertise. Our instructors are highly experienced, both in teaching and in the subject matter, so attendees acquire the skills they need rapidly, with little frustration.”

Attendees agree, with many praising Depot International’s high-quality instruction. As one 2019 Roadshow attendee pointed out, “As far as I’m concerned, this was the best class I have ever taken. The instructor did a fantastic job. He was very professional, and you can tell that he really knows his stuff.”

Depot International’s 2020 Roadshow locations will include the following locations and dates:

Ottawa, IL Farmingdale, NJ Ottawa, IL Van Nuys, CA
March 31st – April 1st May 5th – 6th August 11th – 12th October 20th – 21st
April 2nd – April 3rd May 7th – 8th August 13th – 14th October 22nd – 23rd


Topics addressed during each training include laser printer theory (both colour and mono methods); advanced troubleshooting procedures and resources; removal/replacement, break-fix scenarios and common failures; and a session for open discussion and DI Certification testing.

Scenarios will emphasise today’s most popular MPS printers to deliver the most utility to customers and keep technicians current on cutting-edge technology. Additionally, classes are limited to 12 technicians per session to ensure attendees get the kind of personalised instruction and attention Depot International is known for, Clover Imaging Group added.

Registration can be completed online.

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