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CIT unveils new products

November 15, 2018

CIT has announced the release of a wide range of new products.

Among the new releases is a package of 4 components for use in the remanufacturing of a drum unit for Kyocera TaskAlfa 1800/1801/2200/2201 models.

As part of this package, the company has released a long-life OPC, a cleaning blade, a new replacement drum chip and a PCR.

Using these components, CIT says your drum unit will have the chance of “a second life”.

CIT also has other products available for use in Kyocera printers, such as “a full line of components” for remanufacturing a Kyocera M4125idn/4132 printer cartridge. These components consist of toner, a replacement chip, an empty cartridge and a waste bottle.

CIT has also cited its wide range of remanufacturing products for Brother devices, including new OPCs for use in various Brother printers, such as the Brother HL1110, HL3040 and HL6050.

Replacement chips are also available for use in Brother HL L2310 models.

Anyone interested in remanufacturing toner and drum cartridges for use in Brother devices will also find “full ranges” of toner, developer rollers, fill caps and much more.

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