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Canon’s latest legal updates

December 10, 2018

This week has only just begun, but Canon has already been active on the legal side of things, filing another Amazon report and concluding a patent dispute in Germany.

The OEM announced that it has lodged another Report Infringement Form with Amazon UK, based on the alleged use of claim 1 of the UK portion of Canon’s European Patent EP 2 087 407 regarding the drum unit model “CF280A” offered by Shenzhen DSY Tech Ltd. under the ASINs B01LRK1R7Q, B01LMSV2OQ, and B01H83U5U6. Amazon took down the products concerned.

They are compatible with the drum unit of the OEM HP cartridge model CF280A and comprise a non-OEM coupling member and a non-OEM drum.

Canon also noted that it had reached a conclusion in its patent infringement dispute with J&H Greentech and Trading Ltd, with the two parties signing a settlement agreement.

As Canon explains, “After filing a complaint with the District Court Dusseldorf (docket no. 4c O 51/18) based on the alleged infringement of the German portion of Canon’s European Patent EP 1 977 289 B1, Canon and J&H entered into a settlement agreement according to which J&H inter alia has to refrain from distribution of cartridges making use of claim 1 in combination with claim 2 of EP 1 977 289 B1 with respect to all countries in which said patent is validated and in force.

Furthermore, J&H has agreed to pay damages for past infringements to Canon. Further details of the settlement agreement are confidential.”

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