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Canon reveals new mini printer

April 20, 2018

Canon U.S.A.’s New IVY Mini Photo Printers in Rose Gold (PRNewsfoto/Canon U.S.A., Inc.)

The OEM has revealed the new IVY Mini Photo printer, powered by ZINK Zero Ink Technology from ZINK Holdings LLC (ZINK).

Canon U.S.A., Inc. announced the IVY Mini Photo Printer for smartphone photographers seeking to stay portable and on the go with their devices, this sleek and compact portable printer has an extensive list of standout, user-friendly features through the Canon Mini Print app. The app includes creative filters, such as photo frames and stickers, augmented reality (AR) face distortion, as well as additional photo-editing tools including added text, fun frames and the option to draw.

Available in Rose Gold, Mint Green and Slate Gray, the IVY Mini Photo printer empowers the next generation of creators to tell and share their story in real life (IRL) through the power of print in the digital age.

“The proverb ‘good things come in small packages’ couldn’t be more true for the first 2×3 photo printer from Canon U.S.A.” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “It’s our smallest and lightest printer yet, and the company is excited about giving customers more access to creatively connect and instantly share memories than ever before from the palm of their hand.”

The IVY Mini Photo Printer, will use ZINK Zero Ink printing technology and paper. ZINK, which stands for Zero Ink, is a full-colour printing system that eliminates the need for ink cartridges or ribbons.

The absence of cartridges and ribbons align ZINK Paper with the needs of on-the-go smartphone photographers who want sleek, portable devices that fit in their pocket. All the color required for printing an image or text is embedded in the paper itself.

ZINK Paper prints in less than one minute, does not smear or fade, and is water-resistant. It’s also sticky on the back so users can turn their photos into stickers.

“Innovators like Canon keep a finger on the pulse of what their customers want, and provide convenient, highly-functional and budget-friendly solutions,” said Chaim Pikarski, CEO, Zink Holdings. “The IVY printer exemplifies why Canon is an industry leader.”

“As people take more pictures, it’s only natural for them to crave hard copy images and actual prints to recall everyday experiences,” added Pikarski.

Although ZINK launched more than 10 years ago, advancements in wireless technology, as well as smartphone cameras, have ignited the demand for compact photo printers and the company’s explosive growth over the past few years.

“Devices like Canon’s IVY can easily connect to smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth, which adds to their appeal,” said J.C. VanDijk, president, Zink Holdings.

The Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer is currently available for an estimated retail price of $129.99 (€105.69), which includes the printer body and a starter pack of ten sheets of photo paper. Twenty-sheet and fifty-sheet packs of photo paper will also be available for an estimated retail price of $9.99 (€8.12) and $24.99 (€20.32, respectively).

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