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Canon opens Precautionary Proceedings

November 13, 2018

The OEM has launched the filing before the Court of Milan (IP Specialised Division) against Idem Rebuilding di Carbonara Giuseppe.

The defendant, trading as Universocartuccia, is accused of violating the Italian portion of Canon’s European patent EP 2 087 407, relating to a drum unit and a process cartridge, through the manufacture and sale of certain laser toner cartridges.

The OEM has sought a Court Order enjoining Universocartuccia from offering for sale or distributing online (including through Amazon Italy) the allegedly infringing cartridges.

Idem Rebuilding di Carbonara Giuseppe can file an answer brief with the Court and an oral hearing is scheduled in order to discuss Canon’s claims.

Canon, which has spent much of this year pursuing various IP lawsuits, last week filed multiple infringement reports with Amazon’s Italian division, seeking the removal of various products listed which it claimed violated the aforementioned European patent. The products concerned were removed from the website.


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