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Brother UK talks print security

March 8, 2018

A seminar delivered to the OEM’s reseller partners revealed Brother’s focussed attention on the risk of unsecured printing.

Brother’s UK subsidiary recently held an event at its solutions showroom in Greater Manchester for 34 of its reseller partners, reports Channel Info.

Top of the agenda was the issue of document security, and the risks of printer-related data breaches. This followed Quocirca’s recently-published research, which reported that 61 percent of businesses suffered from a data breach last year.

The OEM’s partners were shown a presentation by Brother International Europe’s Legal Officer, Suzanne Bullivant, who explained what constant changes in regulation could mean for business, in terms of how they store, use, and retain personal data of employees.

“Moving forward it is all about businesses understanding the data that they have in their possession, while ensuring they have the best possible defence in place against security breaches,” elaborated Bullivant. “Printers can often be a soft target for data theft, as they aren’t always integrated correctly into the IT infrastructure, leaving them outside of the wider network security.”

Brother UK displayed its Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which protects documents containing sensitive information that have been sent across networks to be printed. It is at this point in the printing process that an experienced hacker would normally be able to access the information, in the matter of seconds it takes for the document to be sent to the printer.

“One of the best approaches resellers can make to assist their clients with this issue is by offering a managed print service, so installation and connection to an existing network, including its security features, is properly achieved,” continued Bullivant.

“We are keen to offer training and assistance to our channel partners, so ultimately the end-customer receives the highest quality service. Events such as this add another level to our partnership with the channel, meaning that together we can continue to offer businesses IT solutions that enhance performance and productivity.”


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