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BLI praises Brother colour laser series

January 15, 2018

The OEM’s UK subsidiary has revealed that its latest line-up of colour laser multifunction devices has received a high rating from BLI.

Brother UK announced that all models in its new colour laser range of printers were highly recommended or recommended by the Buyers Lab (BLI). 

The world-leading independent tester awarded the machines with the certificate of reliability after rating the models for their value, image quality, usability, features, speed and reliability.

Multi-function devices MFC-L8690CDW, MFC-L8900CDW, MFC-L9570CDW and printers HL-L8360CDW and HL-L9310CDW were highly recommended, whilst the DCP-L8410CDW and HL-L8260CDW were recommended.

Recommendation from BLI is “highly-respected” and one of the industry’s toughest ratings to achieve, with experienced analysts putting products through two months of rigorous assessment.

No misfeeds were reported on any of the devices during an 80,000-impression durability test. No post-test servicing was required on any device either, securing Brother’s printers an “excellent rating for reliability.”

The analysts highlighted several benefits of the range including: 

  • Reliable performance combined with simple routine maintenance
  • Strong feature set 
  • Print from a wide range of cloud services through Brother’s Web Connect technology
  • Supports printing from tablets and smartphones with multi-function devices supporting scanning to mobile devices. 

Hassan Masaud, Product Manager (Ink & Laser) at Brother UK, said: “We’re extremely proud that every device in our colour laser series was either highly recommended or recommended for reliability by the BLI, the toughest accolades to achieve in the industry.

“The range was developed with technology to help SMBs thrive and become more efficient. Following the rigorous testing, feedback from the analysts confirms that the series is an excellent choice for modern offices. 

“With every model being rated as excellent for their reliability, customers can be confident that they have a device they can trust.”

The achievement comes following the HL-L9310CDW printing device being rated outstanding colour printer for SMBs at the BLI Summer Pick Awards 2017. 



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