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Bergen and Canon sign major agreement

December 2, 2019

Representatives from the municipality of Bergen and Canon Norway. From left: Lisbeth Skodvin, Christian Sørensen, Trygve Hide Vågene, Per Arne Hoff, Terje Wenner and Johanna Alme

The municipality of Bergen and Canon Norway have entered into a 10-year service-based agreement that includes secure print, scan and copying.

In addition to the municipality of Bergen, the cooperative municipalities Askøy, Os, Fusa, Fjell, Sund and Øygarden are also covered by the agreement, as well as Bergen Vann KF, Bergen and Omland Havnevesen, Bergen Red Cross nursing home, Christiegården day centre and relief, the Marine Research Institute and NIFES. With 2,500 machines and over 80 million prints a year, it is one of the largest agreements that has been signed in document management, printing and copying in Norway. The multifunction machines are to be delivered in 2020.

Director of Digitalisation Kjetil Århus in Bergen said that the municipality has completed a comprehensive evaluation process for more than a year. Delivery ability, security, service and costs were emphasised in the process. The municipality aims to halve the print volume during the contract period. After the qualifying round, five suppliers were invited to submit offers.

“Paper documents will have a function in the next decade. Canon has both the delivery capability and the technology needed to meet the needs of our employees. Among other things, all machines will be equipped with automatic supply order and secure printing. We will also utilise functionality that contributes to reduced paper consumption and reduced environmental impact, ”said Kjetil Århus, Director of Digitisation in Bergen.

The agreement is a service-based agreement for ten years, for both machines, software and services which will be delivered at fixed costs, quality and performance throughout the contract period. The head of the Canon Business Centre in Bergen, Christian Sørensen, emphasised that Canon has extensive experience with deliveries to the public, and that they have both the logistics and service organisation to handle an agreement of this magnitude.

“Canon has its own branch in Bergen, both deliveries, service and follow-up to this agreement will be the highest priority through our organisation, from our local employees to the head office in Oslo, and through our international production and logistics system. We are looking forward to working closely with the City of Bergen, and to help the municipality achieve its goals, including in terms of environment and paper consumption.

“Apparently, this may sound contradictory as Canon works to reduce paper usage, but the reality is that Canon has been at the forefront of solutions to digitise and streamline document management over a number of years. This is part of our approach to the environmental challenges, and a clear expectation from both public and private customers,” said Sørensen.

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