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Armor expands inkjet range

May 31, 2016

The remanufacturer has launched alternative inkjet cartridges for consumers.K12628

The cartridges are compatible for printers using the Epson 26XL and also cover 14 other Epson models from the Expression Premium range. These printers are marketed for home use, and being multifunctional are “ideal for family use”.

Armor Office Printing offers these cartridges in “individual boxes and blisters as well as in five cartridge packs”, with the colours including cyan, magenta, yellow, photo black and black cartridges. In turn, the black cartridge is “included for free”. These compatible cartridges provide a “saving of 40 percent” compared to “retail OEM price”. The cartridges are guaranteed, and Armor’s solutions can be “mixed with the original cartridges” within the printer without loss of performance.

The company says that its cartridges “cover over 95 percent of [the] western Europe install base” and that it has “always invested heavily in R&D and production to guarantee premium printing performances and yet significant savings for the end-users”. Armor also declared its expertise in three “main technologies […] new inkjet, remanufactured inkjet and remanufactured laser”.

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