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Fuchsbag begins US operations

August 18, 2011

The German airbag manufacturer has opened facilities in California and Texas to expand its cartridge packaging solutions to a new market.

Fuchsbag – The Airbag Packaging is now ready to distribute its innovative air packaging products across the United States, Canada and South America catering to growing demand after its success in Europe.

The company produces inflatable plastic bags for protecting products during transport, and have found a particularly strong market with companies shipping ink and toner cartridges. The air bags come in both standard shapes and sizes and special designs for particular models.

“Our products are more environmental and take up much less space than other packaging protection,” said Sales Manager Gideon Goerts.

“You find there are not a lot of airbags in the US industry – it’s generally things like moulded foam inserts. It was the same way in Europe five years ago, and now airbags are a popular choice for the industry.”

Fuchsbag has now opened a warehouse in Los Angeles, California with the capacity for around 300,000 SKUs. Goerts said the warehouse stocks all of its most popular styles and sizes, as well as the filling workstations specially designed to inflate them.

The company has also opened a sales office in Texas to provide customer support, and is now ready to ship across the country.

Goerts added: “We had a lot of inquiries from the US, but they were generally put off by the delay in shipping out samples and so on. Now we are able to send the airbags within three days all over the States. We had a great deal of interest from US companies at REMAX this year, and we decided there was enough support to launch in the country.”

The company is planning a “roadshow” in October to visit companies and demonstrate the product in action, and will also be exhibiting at next year’s Remanexpo event in Atlanta. 

Click here to see a demonstration of the product at REMAX@Paperworld 2011.