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InkCycle introduces collection company

September 28, 2011

The remanufacturers waste recovery program has become an independent company called ReCore.

InkCycle has revealed that its waste recovery program has been launched as a separate company, known as ReCore.

ReCore will serve as a collection company for the remanufacturer, and will allow the companys dealers to return used cartridges directly to InkCycle for remanufacturing.

InkCycle and ReCore will offer registered dealers access to its buy back list, and request pick up or shipping labels for free shipping back to the two companies.

Chad Seal, ReCore Business Manager, said: Our Waste Recovery Program (WRP) is now ReCore. ReCore's website is quick and easy to use. We offer great prices on our buy back list, and of course, we cover shipping.

It's a great program that gets empty cartridges out of our dealers' warehouses and their customers' office building, and brings them back to us to recycle them. It's a good thing for our dealers and the environment.