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Cartridge World to expand French operations

September 27, 2011

The franchise aims to open 200 new stores in France by 2015, whilst the first store has opened on the island of Reunion, based in the South Indian Ocean.

Cartridge World’s French operations are planned to expand over the next four years, with a plan for up to 200 new stores across the country.

The franchise’s director of development, Jerome Decourselle, discussed the company’s plans in an interview with French franchise website Les Echos de la Franchise (French only), which also highlighted the opening of a new franchise on the south Indian Ocean island of Reunion (French only).

Decourselle noted that the French supplies market “represented in volume over 2 billion euros in 2010”, and that whilst Cartridge World is “not the cheapest in the sector”, they “offer the best value for money”, adding that since 2007 it remains the only franchise in the French Franchise Federation to offer cartridge refilling franchises.

He elaborated also on the company’s training program, which lasts one month split into two weeks each. Two of these weeks are spent in the technical centre, and the other in the store. Decourselle stated that 13 franchises opened in 2010, and eight already this year, with the plan being “to reach 200 stores eventually”.

The store on Reunion Island will be run by Bruno Pregou, whose previous career was as an assistant product manager at L’Oreal. Pregou stated that he had joined the franchise because it was “a concept proven” and that in intending to work for the company, he wanted to make a green gesture for the island, which lies off the coast of Madagascar and remains under French sovereignty.